Hey readers!

So interesting to be on this side of a post. I often wonder who the person behind the words is. I don’t know about you but I have a hard time getting myself across with writing. I have thoughts and I know who I am, but getting that down on paper (or screen in this day and age!) has always been tough. That being said, I am so amped to work out these fingers and connect with people all over the world with a passion for compassion!

I am living in Montreal, Canada, where it is freezing rain currently! Ahh, winter, spring, fall, summer, no matter what the season this city is rad (if you’ve never been, come see us!).

So, I’ve created this site because, well, veganism. I’ve been vegan for almost two years now and HOLY FUCKING MOLY did life ever change, or at least my perspective on it did. My whole life I have had a deep love for animals. I remember when I was younger I told my mom “I AM A VEGETARIAN”(not realizing at that age that cruelty went deeper than just the meat of the animal), I even typed up a contract stating that I was “as of now a vegetarian” and presented it to my mom. Nothing changed. It’s blurry in my mind, but meals were made and they had meat, so I continued eating it. That’s all I really remember. But all that to say some kind of seed was there at a young age. (Can any of you relate? I truly believe all kids are born vegan but are then habitualized to eat animals and animal bi-products). Present day, that seed has blossomed into a major vegan passion. I have realized that my purpose here on mama Earth is to help bring peace to this world and that starts with animal liberation! The vegan lifestyle is a misunderstood one. So many lovely, beautiful, soul glittery people participate in one of the hugest human atrocities to ever happen. I personally spent 23 years loving animals and at the same time not matching my actions to that love. I simply wish my new found awareness onto every human on this planet. So if this website can help even just a little with spreading those delicious compassionate vibes I’d feel my soul shine!

This passion of mine is bubbling and I am so excited to share that excitement and connect with you all!

I’m giving you the biggest hug!

Oh, my name is Kayla by the way.

Lotsa lotsa love.


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