My vegan Montreal (cafés)



Montreal is a great city to live in. It is beautiful, unique and there is no shortage of things to discover! When I’m traveling I make it my priority to try out local vegan spots and do the same when I’m staycationing! Being a vegan in Montreal is getting increasingly easier and more palate pleasing as the years go by! New spots are popping up left right and center! In a series of posts I will showcase my vegan Montreal.  This post will highlight my favourite vegan coffee spots in Montreal…


Esquina (4526 Avenue Papineau)

This has to be the best cup of coffee in the city. I am no coffee connaisseur, but damnnnn it goes down smooth. I love the almond milk latte iced or hot. What makes it so amazing, besides the delicious coffee, is that the owner, Roxanne, makes her own almond milk (sweetened with dates!!!). I discovered this place while taking a stroll last summer. I saw a sign on the street advertising vegan pastries and I lit up like a christmas tree! I walked in and immediately saw a plate of fresh blueberry muffins. I was in love. If you’re in a savoury mood try their avocado on toast or (and?) hummus on toast. They are both divine and sprinkled with delectable toppings! Go go go! Bring your laptop or your favourite book and spend an afternoon immersed in feel good vibes. See you there! **Grab their loyalty card! After the 9th coffee the 10th is free. To borrow from lays…bet you can’t go just once! 


Cafe Tuyo (370 Marie-Anne Street East)

Cafe Tuyo is an unbelievably great spot. The minute you walk in you feel like you could spend the whole day there. The vibes are cozy and the music always has you saying “I love this song” or asking the staff “who is playing right now?”. A lot of their treats come from Sophie Sucrée (another scrumptious vegan spot!). My favourite is their lavender scone washed down with their homemade fermented tea! (I feel like fermented is a scary word for some, but trust, it’s delicious and gut healthy too!) I usually go all out and get one of their sandwiches as well! Guys, they are so good and SO loaded with deliciousness. Veggie pate, cashew cheese, apples AND MORE! All stuffed inside their freshly baked rye bread. I feel lucky to live a 2 minute walk away from this gem!


Cafe Résonance (5175A Park Ave)

This spot is a total go-to for me, especially in the winter. It’s slightly underground so you’ve got those hibernation vibes going strong. It’s the perfect place to go hang out with friends or have some quality solo time. I usually stay for a few hours eating and drinking my way through their menu ;). When it comes to coffee I usually go for a simple soy milk latte but they also have a popular coconut/almond milk blend that is sure to make your taste buds jump! The perfect pairing with that is their banana bread. It is divine, especially warmed up with a nice layer of their homemade sunflower seed butter! SUH GUD! But my ultimate thing to rave about here is their homemade coconut yogourt. It is creamy, tart and simply full of yogourty goodness. Dairy based yogourt was definitely a staple in my diet before going vegan and the store bought dairy FREE yogourts that I’ve seen are full of weird ingredients, so finding resonance’s definitely brightened up my life! (You can also buy some to go!) As if all that isn’t enough they have a full savoury menu as well. Chili and guac on rice with sunflower seed sour cream, anyone?! Bonus, at night they have a variety of different music shows! Can’t get much better than that!


That’s what I got for ya for now! But I’ll be sure to add on to this as I discover more! Let me know if you have any go-to spots here in Montreal or around the world!





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